Every year always come with new ideas on how weddings are organized. From invitations to style, to the venue, color, and themes, there are lots of amazing things that are being included to make the occasion elegant, glamorous and fascinating. As the year come to an end, we take a look at some of the notable trends observed at various weddings over the past couple of months.

Surprise settings

Nowadays, couples desire a wedding which will amaze their guests. A key factor to a memorable wedding is the chosen venue for the wedding ceremony. Any location having a large expanse of land makes it possible for the couples to personalize their wedding. This is why most wedding venues are now outdoor.

Outdoor weddings have lots of fascinating décor including centerpieces, flower decorations, elegant table settings and lots more. A surprise wedding setting will help the couples tell their unique story.

Translucent Cakes

Naked or translucent cakes i.e. a wedding cake having unfrosted sides are getting common these days at various weddings. Cakes which are barely frosted have now become the latest trend in wedding desserts. Rather than completely bare tiers, translucent cakes possess a thin frosting veil in which only a bit of the cake can be seen.

Portrait Studios and Illustrators

Pictures they say, speak a lot of your wedding.  Photo booths are now becoming outdated. They are now being replaced with formal portrait studios. Live photographers asking you to style for the camera is now becoming one of the wedding 2017 trends. Also, on-site illustrators will also be on the ground to capture the happenings of the occasion through live sketches. Both you and your guests can take sketches these home.

Furry Friends

In 2017 wedding trends, animals have now begun to play a bigger role in wedding ceremonies. From donkeys and bunnies to pigs and llamas, couples who have rustic barn weddings have begun to incorporate various farm animals into the occasion.

Breezy Silhouettes and Metallic Dresses

Over the past few years, breezy silhouettes and metallic dresses didn’t really matter much at weddings. In 2017, things really changed. Breezy silhouettes, Silver magnet bracelet, and Gold threading are now seen all over the aisles. Wearing a metallic dress is not only a bold move but really perfect outfit for a sophisticated ceremony.

All about Nature

Even if you do not want to hold your wedding outside, wedding receptions will still be decorated using an outdoor theme. Natural elements such as stone and wood are now incorporated into wedding table decorations. Hanging flowers over the dance floor or tables will make the setting really exquisite.

Food on the Move

Nowadays, when it comes to wedding food, the formal dinner is becoming ancient. Food trucks, fun food stations, and family-style meals, are becoming the latest trend. These are ways of spicing up the dinner portion.

All these are some of the notable 2017 wedding trends. In case you haven’t incorporated any into your weddings, then you are missing out of the fun. Give your wedding a stylish and dynamic setting my making use of any of these latest trends.